Almost eaten by a lioness - Africa part I

I came back from Tanzania about 6 weeks ago. I've been there for 3 weeks with one of my best buddies - Liad (he claims to be the only one).
Anyway, we started our trip with 6 days in the safari. On the second day we got to the famous Serengeti reservation.
In the camp (we slept in tents), there were 2 cages. One was the kitchen and one was the dinning room - here humans are in the cage.
During the day we've travelled with ORV around the huge Serengeti, seeking for animals - especially the cats (Lions, Cheetahs and Leopards). During the night we ate dinner in the cage and waited to see one of the cooks being eaten by a lioness which came to drink some water (real story, I'm not joking).
I was walking around in the camp, which I forgot to mention was without any fence, with a camera - waiting for the moment.In the morning we counted the number of cooks in the camp, and I'm still sure there were less than in the night before.
So... Here's what you've all been witing for... pix!

A lioness looking at me and thinking: "It probably tastes like chicken..."

Sundown close to the Hipo pool

Mits Petel!!

Serengeti Sundown

Naughty Mr & Mrs Lion

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congratulations !
you're now "one of them".
I will be glad to follow your stories and admire your amazing pictures !

Do not listen to them, follow your lead, keep it real.

Big Up.