First Post!

Well, my first post will be quite short...
After causing me a brain damage and some psychological issues, a friend from work named Uri Kalish (Urika) found a new project. He started nagging me every day (just like the kid stewie from family guy) to open a blog.
So... here we are...
I plan this blog to be about photography, but who knows what it will evolve to be. I hope you will enjoy my verbal masturbation and my photos. I will love to have any comments and feedback you have.

Just a few notes for the ending:
  1. No matter what Urika will say or write in his blog, he did NOT invent the name for this site - it's too SefiSticated for him. ;)
  2. It's a good time to thank my girlfriend (Chicky), who helped me a lot with the blog.


3 תגובות:

Moti Karmona אמר/ה...

Good Luck Sefik!

אנונימי אמר/ה...

I agree with you sefi, I know you choose between some name options for your website.
Good luck !!!

Uri Kalish אמר/ה...

Sefi, welcome to the blogosphere!

Tsafrir, you weren't even there when we talked about the blog name (you were probably maintaining your media center...) When he came to me with the question of a name for his blog, I said I made a word out of my name [my-name]lization. From all the possibilities in the world (Sefi's PhotoBlog, Greiver's Pix, Great Pictures, Photography and More etc.) he chose to made a word out of his name [his-name]stication. hmmm... I wonder...