Tanzanian Tribes - Africa part II

After coming back from the wild safari, we traveled through places which seemed to be the factory of world's dust. It felt like we were traveling through time as we've seen the (minimal) modern culture fading away. We've started seeing people living in mud houses, traveling shepherd around with their sheep. less and less "modern" clothing (T-Shirts), and more and more traditional capes and dresses. Finally, after sleeping in a camp where white face monkeys (with blue testicles) play at day time and Bush Babies hunt at night, we've reached out destiny - The Bushmen camp.

Bush Baby

We reached the bushmen camp (Hazabe tribe) at 7am with a translator to "the click language". It's called like this because the have special letters which sound like a "click". Apparently the bushmen's camp is a bush (hmm... I guess the name is not just a coincidence...). They were getting warm around the fire and they were talking about the hunt they are going to do - they were talking about the white guys (Mizungu) who got to the camp.

Bush-guy preparing arrows

Well.... we've found ourselves running in the bush with 3 children who had bow and arrows.

Come out, come out wherever you are!

We were looking for anything that moves (snakes, birds, rats, bush babies etc.). We stopped by a rat nest as one of the children started to call it out (by making a female rat squeaking sound), but no one was home. We kept running until one of the kids (who I think worked once as a model (look at the pic)) caught a dove.

Look at me! I'm a dove model!

When we got back (after almost stepping on venomous snakes), we started a fire (with 2 sticks) and the kids threw the dove into the fire.After half a minute, they shared the dove among themselves. The psycho kid (you can spot him by his crazy look) took a knife, split the dove open and chewed the uncooked intestines... Yak!

Psycho kid

Baubab tree

Psycho kid eating breakfast...

After a short dance with the Bushmen and a short bow practices, we said goodbye and went to another tribe - The Toga. The Toga live about 2000B.C, unlike the Hazabe who lives 3000B.C. they live in mud houses (instead of under a bush), and work as blacksmiths or grow livestock. We reached to one of their villages to watch their day to day life. As we got into the village, a young woman saw my friend, and fell in-love.Even her mother gave the blessing, but I had to separate between the lovebirds, as we had to continue our trip - To The Kilimanjaro!
(don't miss the "5 things you didn't know about..." at the bottom)
Toga head of the family (9 wives!!!)


5 things you didn't know about Walt Disney and Swahili languege (a very common African languege):

  1. "Simba" in Swahili is Lion

  2. "Pumba" is wart hog

  3. "Rafiki" (the blue faced monkey in "The Lion King") is friend.

  4. "Tambo" is an elephant (just like Dambo, the flying one...).

  5. "Hakuna Matata" is "No Problem" (And they really love to say it).

And one last thing you probably didn't know about the Bushmen - The only animal they don't eat is the hyaena. This is because when a bush-guy dies, they put him out side the camp so the hyaenas will eat it. (and it has a bad taste)

Bon Appetit!

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