It's A Matter Of Perspective

When shooting a photo, one of the things that one should remember, is that our world has 3 dimensions, while photos has only 2.
Our world actually has many more dimensions - the last I heard is that 11 dimensions sounds like a sensible theorem (or 26 in the bosonic string theory), but I'm trying to make a point...

So, if we lose so much information when taking a picture, what can we do to overcome this?
We can use the light and shadow to create depth and maybe create very interesting shots, but this is not always enough. People with camera usually forget they have feet and a moving body. They use their camera's zoom and take a picture of exactly what they see, not thinking for a sec how the photo will look like.
Well, one of the most important things in photography (as I see it) is perspective. This code name holds a lot of tips and best practices like shooting at object's eye level and getting closer to the subject instead of zooming-in. As you can see below although applying to the "diagonals" rule and the "thirds"/"Not in the middle" rule, the photo with the better perspective looks better and it also creates a depth of field, instead of a flat photo.

When you take a picture of something, try to think what is the best way to pass the situation/subject to someone who wasn't there when you took the picture.

Bad Perspective


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אנונימי אמר/ה...

Wow! Those are great! The bottom one is my favorite.

BNS אמר/ה...

Yes, Sefi - perspective is very important. That's why I ended up taking so many of my underwater macro photos while lying on my belly!


Jinghui אמר/ה...

Nice photos, great perspective !

Like your article on matter of perspective, something that can set a photo special/unique from the rest.

MYM אמר/ה...

HA! Love it :)