A Night In Trogir (Croatia)

Well... It's been long since I've last updated my blog and added new photos.
To my defense, I can say I haven't been in town for about 3 weeks - I was with my girlfriend in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy and it was amazing.
(Jealousy comments and emails will be moved to the trash can ;-) )
I was with my camera all the time, so you should wait for some new material :).

I've tried some HDR shooting over there. It's the first time, so I hope it will come out good.

Any how...
We landed in Dubrovnik. After 2 days in the city and around it, we started our ride over the coast line.
Very beautiful view, which cannot be passed in a photo (at least I couldn't). forests fall into the sea. Small towns with orange rooftops by the coast and a long long road.
We reached a very nice town called Trogir. In the town, like all the other coast line towns, there's a small old city and a port.
Here are a few photos I've shot there:

At The End Of The Day

Nikon D-70s
Nikon 18-200mm VR II

Trogir At Sunset - HDR

Nikon D-70s
Nikon 18-200mm VR II

High Fortress

Nikon D-70s
Nikon 18-200mm VR II

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BNS אמר/ה...

That middle shot looks just like a postcard! And I love the texture in the third one.


Unknown אמר/ה...

I like all the masts sticking up into the sky in the second photo.



Nicone אמר/ה...

Looking forward to more of this!