Sometimes light can change everything in a photo.

Even when using the same light on the same object, it can make photos look totally different.
Composition is not just placing the items correctly in the photo, it's also building the scene correctly - including the light.

Here are 2 photos of the same subject. 2 not so different compositions. Same light source (my Nikon SB-800 flash) .
Yet, I can hardly say they look the same. And I can hardly say they give the same feeling.

I'd love to get your feedback - which do you like better?

This one was with the flash mounted on the camera (like in regular use)

In this one I used the flash with a TTL cord. I held the flash at the side, a bit behind the camera.

Photos were taken at: My home, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Asia

Nikon D-70s
Nikon 105mm f/12.8
Macro VR

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