Croc Project - 1st day

1st day of Croc Project wasn`t so so good.
I got from Israel to the starting point - Rorschach. When I got to the hostel I had a reservation in, no one answered. Apparently, the check-in starts at 5, not a minute before.
No one to talk with. No one speaks english (and no one answered any way...)
After resting for an hour by the lake I tried my luck again.
Some one opened.
No english.
No check-in.
Left my suitcase.
Went for a short ride (no special cloths and no gloves).
More rain.
I came back.
10 meters before the hostel.
Hole in the road (old railway).
Wheel in the whole.
Sefi fall. (bad english, yet it rhims)
Stopped with the hand.
Forehand skin - bye bye.*
Bike saddle - bye bye.**

I hoped the 2nd day will be better...

* About 5cm diameter of my forehand skin decided to fall off. Iäll upload photos soon.
** I was told the switzerland is full with road bike and there for bike shops. One couldn`t have been more wrong than this.

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