Croc Project - 2nd day

Troubles do come in doubles...

After going to the hospital for a Tetanus shot, and trying to fix the saddle, we started our way.
The sun foold us as it was shining behind a few clouds. Left my "hard weather cloths" behind. Took just a jacket.

My journey was supposed to start just a few kilometers after the Rorschach. At least that`s what I was told by the Israeli operator...

We left Rorschach. The views were amaizing. Green. Lots of apples, grass, cows (with bells).

After a few kilometers I understood it`s going to be long.
The rain started.
Instead of sticking to what I was told (which would have taken me 40km) I took a shortcut to the starting point. Just 20km.

I asked some one where "cycling route number 4" begins. He asked "Where? In switzerland?"
"So where are we?"
"In Austria... Switzerland is there" and he pointed towards a small border which looks like a road to me.
If we`re in Austria we must eat apple strudle...

Cycling the next 70km was ruff. rain. cold. going up, never going down. lots of hard climbs. can barely see where we`re heading.
In the middle of no where - chain suck...
We hitchhicked to the next town where we got this fixed.

Rain won`t stop.

By the time I got close to the ending point at about the end of day light, the swiss operator called and asked me where I was. The woman I stayed at came to pick me up (2km from the end)

I slept in a familie`s barn (on a bed, not straw. :-/ ).
The family members were very nice people. Although the communication trouble, they were very ver nice.

Good night sleep and tomorrow will be a better day.

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