Croc Project - 4th Day

The big day had come - Klausenpass. The highst climb of the trip.

I went outside and surprisingly there were no clouds in the sky. Apparently the area surrounded by snowy mountains.

The climb starts few handred meters after the village.
1700m high
21km long

(apparently about 3 or 4km in the middle are flat, so it`s almost 10% ascent...)

Amaizing view (photos when I`ll get to a normal internet cafe, and not just get favors from hotels receptions...)

At a certain point you climb by some snow from last night. The mountain tops are white.


At the top (1950m abs) we drank some hot chocolate and started to go down.
The way was so curved and the road was narrow so we had to use the brakes most of the time.

Down at the valley we paid a visit to William Tell`s musium. Apparently he lived in this area.

From there, riding at the side of a beautiful lake, crossed it with a ferry to another almost abandoned village for one day of rest.

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