Bar-Refaeli's Hot Photos in Zanzibar – Africa part IV

After sleeping with lions (good movie name…) and busting our asses to the summit of the Kilimanjaro, we had to clear our heads and let our sore bodies to cool down and heal.
What could be better than cocos, pineapples, spicy food, beautiful sea, white sands… What could be better? (How about Sports illustrated photo shoots?!)

We've reached Stone Town – the main city of the island. It was the last day of the Ramadan, so when darkness started to appear, the fest began! Colorful food stands. Lots of fish from all kinds, and even eight times more octopus's legs!
We continued our trip in the island by going through spices farms and then finally we reached a place which looked like a piece of heaven. White sand, turquoise sea…
Unfortunately we've found out that except from a blind kid (from the white sand) who kept trying to sell us rotten fruits at extra expensive rates every five minutes, the tropical fruits dream would have to be left in our dreams…
We decided to go to do some snorkeling. I don't need to say that we got back in colors which wouldn't shame any Manchester United fan…

Sunset at Kendwa Beach

Fisherman on his way home

Zanzibarian Sunset

And now, you're probably all waiting to see Bar-Refaeli's hot photos…
Of course I don't have any of these, this is just to help my Google rank… :)
(For those who are not from around here – Bar-Refaeli is one hot model who you might have seen by Leonardo DiCaprio's side.)
You were so nice and read my blog up to this point, so I'll short you the need to open google - Bar Refaeli
And now - 5 things you didn't know about Zanzibar:

  1. In the 27th of August 1896 the people of Zanzibar made a rebellion against the British rulers. Zanzibar surrendered after 45 minutes. This is the shortest war in the history of mankind.
  2. ‎Freddie Mercury was born in Stone Town in Zanzibar (5 September 1946).
  3. The island was a base for the slaves trade in the Ottoman age.
  4. The major industry in the island (except for tourism) is spices. (After all, it was a major trading post in the Ottomans age). And no wonder they call it Zanzibar - the spices island.
  5. When you land in Zanzibar they write you "ATM" on the forehead, just so locals will now where they can try to withdraw money…

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