How Low Can You Go?!

The Dead Sea is dying.
In about 60 years the sea level dropped in 21m. This caused the "swallowers" to appear. The "swallowers" (holes beneath the surface) evolved because the water, which used to fill these holes, doesn't support the ground any more. So it might be that you'll drive around in your car when a "swallower" will appear and eat you alive. I don't understand why they put signs which say to drive slow in case you'll meet a "swallower", I would drive fast to do jump above it – just like in the movie "Speed".
Dead Sea Sunrise

There are a few solutions for the problem - some more creative than others. The easiest is to open the damn between the Kinneret and the Dead Sea. But this would cause the Kinneret to dry and we'll dry as well.
Dead Sea Sunrise

So why not filling the sea with the water of some other sea? This will unbalance the Dead Sea ecology (too much lime acid and stuff).
I think the best way to solve the problem is to build more desalination factories and stop the drainage (for drinking water) from the Kinneret and open the damn to the Dead Sea.For now there is a plan of the government to do so (one was recently open at around September 2007). I hope it wouldn't take so long…
Dead Sea Sunrise

Anyway, in order to raise the awareness of the Dead Sea situation there was a plan to surround it with bicycle (both the Israeli and the Jordanian sides). The trip was supposed to be 270km over 2.5 days. Unfortunately someone in Jordan canceled it at the last minute, so we did just 90km over the Israeli side.
I don't know if it helped the awareness, but it was fun.
Dead Sea Sunrise

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