Closer Than You Think

Not long time ago I bought myself a macro lens (Sigma 150mm f/2.8).
Apparently taking macro shots is not easy as one may think. Trying to stabilize the heavy equipment (about 2.5kg), not enough light, objects (insects) keep moving, and the fact that any hand shake gives a bad shot doesn't really help…

When objects are closer to the camera lens, the depth of field is lower so smaller part of the object is in focus – sometimes even just a few millimeters. To enlarge the depth of field, you need to close the aperture size. This actually causes less light to get inside. If you use longer exposure time to compensate the darkness, you'll most likely end up with a blury image – especially if you take shots from the hand. To solve this you add flash, which makes the light a bit artificial, but it's a good start.

So… Here are my first macro shots. Hope you'll like it.

And of course - the equipment:
Nikon D-70s
My new Sigma 150mm f/2.8
Kenko DG-300 extension tube
Nikon SB-800



An Elephant??!

3 תגובות:

Uri Kalish אמר/ה...

Cool pics!!!

p.s. I believe it's a cotton boll weevil.

Sefi Greiver אמר/ה...

Wow! Kalish - since when you became entomologist??!
With this knowledge I would have thought blogging is only your second job. ;)

Beverly Kaye אמר/ה...

awesome shots